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Breaking Changes 🚨

This release includes a small number of breaking changes. Please read the Upgrade Instructions if you want to migrate an existing presentation.


  • New website, docs and logo! 🚀
  • Auto-Animate lets you create complex animations by automatically transitioning between matched elements across slides. Duration, delay and easing can be set on a per-slide or per-element basis.
  • We now support multiple presentations on the same page.
    • This also introduces a new embedded config option, which allows presentations to reside within a portion of a page. Previously reveal.js always covered 100% of the page width and height.
    • The new keyboardCondition: 'focused' config option lets presentations capture keyboard events only when they're focused by the viewer.
  • The reveal.js core and built-in plugins have been rewritten as ES modules. This makes the project easier to maintain and makes reveal.js itself easier to include in a bundle. Two bundles are provided:
    • dist/reveal.js uses UMD and has broad cross browser support (ES5).
    • dist/reveal.esm.js is an ES module. More info
  • Code highlights are now automatically scrolled into view and it looks soooo good. You've got to try it out.


  • The Reveal.initialize method now returns a promise that resolves once reveal.js is ready and all plugins have finished initializing.
  • Switches build systems from to gulp, using rollup for bundling.
  • Moves all compiled CSS (reveal.css, reset.css and themes) from css/ to dist/. See Upgrade Instructions.
  • Moves all print CSS into reveal.js. The old script-based print styles can be removed. by @quilicicf
  • Adds a new slidetransitionend event.
  • Adds a new r-stack layout helper for placing elements on top of each other.
  • Adds support for data-visibility="uncounted" to exclude slides from the progress bar and slide number count. #2543 by @lassepe
  • Adds Reveal.getComputedSlideSize API method.
  • Renames the Reveal.addEventListener and Reveal.removeEventListener API methods to Reveal.on and Old names are aliased for backwards compatibility.
  • Removes the default border style from <img>s. Can be added with the r-frame class.
  • Removes bower.json.


  • New syntax for registering plugins.
  • All built-in plugins—such as markdown and highlight—are now available as ES modules. More info
  • Notes: No longer depends on resolving an external notes.html file to work. Everything is baked into the plugin JS.
  • Highlight: Upgraded to highlight.js 10.0.1.
  • Highlight: Moved highlight themes from lib/css/monokai.css to plugin/highlight/monokai.css.
  • Highlight: 'highlight.js' library is now installed from npm instead of being saved in the repo.
  • Markdown: Support for line numbers and highlights in syntax highlighted code.
  • Markdown: Support for boolean data- attributes. by @Bagira80
  • Markdown: 'marked' library is now installed from npm instead of being saved in the repo.
  • Multiplex: Moved out to
  • Notes Server: Moved out to

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug that prevented links from working in exported PDFs. #2628 by @telliott22
  • Fixes a bug where navigationMode: 'linear' incorrectly hid valid vertical directions. #2582 by @earboxer
  • Fixes an issue that caused reveal.js to incorrectly block keyboard events when an element with contentedtable=false was focused. #2650