Browser Support

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Currently, reveal.js has four tiers of browser support:

  1. Full support
  2. No transitions
  3. All slides in one tall, scrollable page
  4. Not supported

1st tier: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and IE10-11.
2nd tier: IE9, Firefox 3.6.
3rd tier:
4th tier: IE8 and lower, all non-JavaScript browsers.

(When no version # is specified, the current version, the previous version and the next version are supported.)

Chrome GPU Blacklist

Some graphics cards are blacklisted in Chrome which leads to unexpected visual results. If affected you may see either bad performance as Chrome has fallen back on software rasterization or you may not get any 3D effects at all. You can try running chrome with the --ignore-gpu-blacklist flag to work around this.

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