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The changelog has relocated to

2.5 (master/beta)

  • MS touch support (#450)
  • Keyboard binding config (more info)
  • Major: Slide backgrounds 2.0: including background images and transitions as well as PDF support (more info)
  • Support vertical alignment of slides with absolute positioned contents
  • Set hidden on all except current slide for accessibility (#457)
  • Mouse wheel response is now more reliable
  • Fix navigation glitch when stepping back and forth with prev/next methods

2.4 (download) - 2013-May-12

  • Fixed changing of keyboard, touch, controls and progress flags through using Reveal.configure
  • Auto-slide now resume after overview/pause
  • Added error messaging when external markdown fails to load
  • Added Reveal.avilableRoutes() API method
  • It is now possible to override the transition for a specific slide (more info)
  • Fixes conflict between notes and remotes plugins
  • Added support for transitionSpeed config value (default/fast/slow)
  • Added support for data-transition-speed attribute on sections (more info)
  • getIndices now returns an f property for the current fragment index
  • Added more state backgrounds
  • Broader code highlighter language support (full list in source)
  • Set data-trim on your <code> blocks for automatic whitespace trimming
  • Added Reveal.sync() method, update internals to match current DOM and config
  • Major: Embedded media (<video>, <audio> and YouTube <iframe>) are now automatically paused when their container slide is hidden. Can also be configured to auto-play when slide is entered (more info)
  • Fixed bug where progress bar would not scale when the window was resized
  • Fragments now reflect visually in the main presentation controls
  • Added fragment config option for disabling all use of fragments
  • Major: Greatly improved RTL support
  • Showdown has been replaced with marked for GitHub flavored Markdown parsing
  • HTML characters in code-blocks are automatically ecaped unless the <code> wrapper has data-noescape
  • Fixes flickering linear transition in iOS
  • Added setup instructions and Grunt serve task (more info)

2.3 (download) - 2013-Mar-17

  • Presentations now scale uniformly to fit any display size (more info)
  • Prevent keyboard navigation while presentation is paused
  • Fixed header word-breaks, will now properly hyphenate
  • Fixed vertical centring of slides in iOS Chrome
  • Added API method Reveal.getSlide( x, y ) for retrieving a slide by its index
  • Correction to notes window sometimes displaying the wrong slides
  • Stop auto-slide when paused or in overview
  • Added API method Reveal.isOverview()
  • Added API method Reveal.isPaused()
  • Added API method Reveal.isFirstSlide()
  • Added API method Reveal.isLastSlide()
  • Fragments order can now be set via data-fragment-index attributes (more info, @jaberg)
  • Updated to Grunt 0.4 (@boazsender)
  • Support for external Markdown (more info, @webpro)
  • Fixed issue with Markdown HTML entities (@asmod3us)
  • Navigation in notes window now reflects in main window
  • Added paused and resumed events
  • Reveal.js can now be re-configured after initialization, example: Reveal.configure({ center: false })
  • Fixed navigation inconsistency when first/last slide is vertical
  • Two new themes: moon and solarized
  • Themes are now compiled using Grunt
  • Better fallback fonts
  • Search plugin (@razor-1)
  • Multiplex plugin (more info, @davidbanham)

2.2 (download) - 2013-Jan-06

  • Support for vertically centered slides via the center config option. Note that the new default vertical centering option will break compatibility with slides that were using transitions with backgrounds (cube and page). To restore the previous behavior, set center to false.
  • Additional media queries (incl. vertical) to support smaller screens
  • When available, slide ID's are written to the URL hash instead of /h/v index
  • Support for multiple control elements (see
  • Fix bug which prevented fragments from being stepped through with the up/down arrows
  • Navigating back to a vertical stack now maintains the previously selected vertical slide
  • Vertical slides are counted towards the progress bar
  • Added postMessage plugin
  • Added Night theme
  • Fixed issue with missing italic text when printing to PDF
  • Added grunt.js build script (see
  • Added (touch remote control) plugin
  • The slide() method now accepts a fragment index argument (slide( indexh, indexv, indexf ))
  • RTL support via rtl: true config option, please test and file issues
  • Now using Travis CI
  • Fixed issue with nested slides auto-advancing #273
  • Fixed issues with entities in rolling links
  • Added PhantomJS script for printing PDF
  • Added fade transition
  • Fixed navigateTo when trying to navigate to a fragment in the current slide #290
  • All vertical stacks now reset upon returning to the first slide in the presentation
  • Added boolean config option touch for disabling touch events #299
  • Added events for when overview is opened/closed #298
  • Notes plugin now locates the presentation through window.opener rather than assuming index.html
  • Added error message when notes window is opened under file:// protocol
  • Added timer to notes window

2.1 (download) - 2012-Oct-11

  • Primary styles moved from main.css to reveal.css
  • The 'progress' and 'controls' DOM elements are now created via JavaScript if they don't exist in the presentation HTML
  • Added 'paused' mode which be reached by pressing b or .
  • Added 'zoom' transition
  • Improvements to touch interaction
  • Updates to navigation API naming (470cabaea)
  • Press 'f' to activate fullscreen. Thanks Michael Kühnel
  • Themes were made more modular and converted to Sass
  • Added many different fragment styles
  • postMessage-based speaker notes (see
  • Converted arrows from unicode to CSS borders
  • Step through fragments in speaker notes. Thanks Michael Kühnel
  • Re-apply syntax highlighting after editing. Thanks Thomas Whitton
  • Moved Markdown and highlight from /lib to /plugin

2.0 (download) - 2012-Sep-21

  • New API method Reveal.getPreviousSlide()
  • New API method Reveal.getCurrentSlide()
  • New API method Reveal.getIndices()
  • Fixed bug where the .present class was sometimes left on the previous slide
  • Added support for slides written using markdown
  • Added helped method Reveal.getQueryHash()
  • Added EOT, WOFF, and SVG fonts for IE support as well as older Opera & more. Thanks OwenVersteeg
  • IE8 support. Thanks OwenVersteeg
  • Fixed bug where hovering 3D links in Chrome caused them to disappearf
  • Disable 3D links in IE and more accurate CSS feature detection
  • CSS is more relative in sizing to allow for low resolutions. Thanks OwenVersteeg
  • PDF export (instructions)
  • Revamped CSS to enable theming, themes now live separately from main.css in /css/theme
  • Built in dependency-loading and more concise init code 49e8e0d205d...
  • Fixed bug that caused all vertical slides to move when navigating up/down in overview #122
  • Support for named internal links, instructions in the readme #55
  • Added Sky theme
  • Fixed issue with multiline text in <small>
  • The overview mode can now be disabled via the overview config option
  • Support for markdown in notes

1.4 (download)

  • Main #reveal container is now selected via a class instead of ID
  • API methods for adding or removing all event listeners
  • The slidechange event now includes currentSlide and previousSlide
  • Fixed bug where slidechange was firing twice when history was enabled
  • Folder structure updates for scalability (see /lib & /plugin)
  • Slide notes by rmurphey
  • Bumped up default font-size for code samples
  • Added beige theme
  • Added autoSlide config
  • Bug fix: The slidechanged event is now firing upon hashchange. Thanks basecode
  • Bug fix: JS error when the progress option was true but there was no progress DOM element
  • keyboard config flag for disabling all keyboard navigation

1.3 (download)

  • Revised keyboard shortcuts, including ESC for overview, N for next, P for previous. Thanks mahemoff
  • Added support for looped presentations via config
  • Fixed IE9 fallback
  • Added event binding methods (Reveal.addEventListener, Reveal.removeEventListener)
  • Added slidechanged event
  • Added print styles. Thanks skypanther
  • The address bar now hides automatically on mobile browsers
  • Space and return keys can be used to exit the overview mode
  • Events for fragment states (fragmentshown / fragmenthidden)
  • Support for swipe navigation on touch devices. Thanks akiersky
  • Support for pinch to overview on touch devices


  • Big changes to DOM structure:
    • Previous #main wrapper is now called #reveal
    • Slides were moved one level deeper, into #reveal .slides
    • Controls and progress bar were moved into #reveal
  • CSS is now much more explicit, rooted at #reveal, to prevent conflicts
  • Config option for disabling updates to URL, defaults to true
  • Anchors with image children no longer rotate in 3D on hover
  • Support for mouse wheel navigation (naugtur)
  • Delayed updates to URL hash to work around a bug in Chrome
  • Included a classList polyfill for IE9
  • Support for wireless presenter keys
  • States can now be applied as classes on the document element by adding data-state on a slide

1.1 (download)

  • Added an optional presentation progress bar
  • Images wrapped in anchors no longer unexpectedly flip in 3D
  • Slides that contain other slides are given the 'stack' class
  • Added transition option for specifying transition styles
  • Added theme option for specifying UI styles
  • New transitions: box & page
  • New theme: neon

1.0 (download)

  • New and improved style
  • Added controls in bottom right which indicate where you can navigate
  • Reveal views in iteratively by giving them the .fragment class
  • Code sample syntax highlighting thanks to highlight.js
  • Initialization options (toggling controls, toggling rolling links, transition theme)


  • Added licensing terms
  • Fixed broken links on touch devices


  • Refactored code and added inline documentation
  • Slides now have unique URL's
  • A basic API to invoke navigation was added

0.1 - 2011-Apr-02

  • First release
  • Transitions and a white theme
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