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@Author Abdulhakim Haliru @ @Here I am Complying to RESTful patterns @Oct. 1, 2012 /* Live Demo visit */

  1. Copy 'CaptchaComponent.php' file to your /app/Controller/Component directory

  2. add 'Captcha' into your component variable inside the controller where you want to use it.

  3. go to the controller action where you would want to use the captcha and call component methods [__init(),first_number(),second_number()].


request->is('post') ) { if(((int) $this->Captcha->getFirst() + (int) $this->Captcha->getSecond()) == (int) $this->request->data['Dummy']['captcha_result']) { ....your code logic } else { $this->Session->setFlash('oops, You are perhaps a bot! :p'); exit; } } elseif($this->request->is('get') { // Here Your printing Captcha Value to Screen $this->Captcha->__init(); $this->set('p', $this->Captcha->getFirst()); $this->set('q', $this->Captcha->getSecond()); } } } ?>


Form->create('Dummy',array('action'=>'foobar')); echo $this->Form->label('What is the result of the sum of: '); echo $this->Form->input('Page.captcha_result' , array('label'=>$p .' + '. $q.' ')); echo $this->Form->end()); ?>