Post-processing and report generation/visualization of Sia benchamarks
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Post-processing and report generation/visualization of Sia benchamarks

The script sia-test-parser.js:

  • Transaforms the csv file generated by mtlynch testing suite ( into a JSON file, prepared to be visualized on any web browser using HighCharts
  • Creates a "technical sheet" of the test
  • Collects key parameters of the test and adds them to a "comparison matrix" (matrix.json) to easily compare different tests

To use it:

  • Dependency: nodejs installed
  • Change the variables at the beggining of the script (input and output files, test name, version of Sia, ID number of the test...)
  • Run node sia-test-parser.js. Files will be generated or updated

The code uses a csv parsing function from Jos de Jong, 2010 (

For using the frontend, place the generated ts#.json, metrics#.json and matrix.json files on the /web/benchmarks folder and place the /web folder on your favorite HTTP web server