Python script to create and maintain a local yum package repository.
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This utility can be used to create a local yum package repository and keep it up to date, for example by using cron(8)

Configuration file

Syncrepo reads a file specifiying some parameters in JSON syntax (see repos.example). This file must contain the following keys:

base points to the base path on the local machine that all data is written to. This is the same path that would be exported over HTTP or FTP.

repos contains mappings, specifiying which repository to get from which mirror. The keys are paths relative to the "base" path, and the values are URLs to rsync(1) capable mirrors.

For example, when using repos.example, would be syncted to /srv/www/packages/centos/7/os.

Scheduling syncs with cron

Adding the following line to /etc/crontab would sync the mirror at 23:00 every day:

0 23 * * * root /usr/local/bin/syncrepo --config /etc/syncrepo.conf >>/var/log/syncrepo.log 2>&1

The time was chosen because yum-cron(8) runs some time after midnight by default, and gives rsync enough time to update the mirror.


  • Python 3 <= 3.4 (3.5 changed the subprocess module)
  • Non-ancient Rsync


Apache License 2.0