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DCI Account Example in PHP

  After reading the book [1] and because PHP since version 5.4 supports
Traits,  this  example has been written to practice with DCI in PHP and
to look if a compile time trait  based  implementation is  possible and
useful in PHP as it is a dynamic language.

  The usecases this example is based on are in the book, see  chapter 7
for the scenario and section 9.4.1 Figures 9-7 and 9-8 for details.

  Expectations and considerations before writing the code:

   * Traits might lead to much boilerplate as they are static.
   * For PHP as a dynamic language,  some dynamic extension  of classes
     seem more fitting than compile time traits [2].
   * No preference for one of the different ways of passing the Context
     Object has been made upfront.
   * The final example should cover fetching from the "database".
   * The final example should cover nested Contexts (habits).
   * I tend to  prefer going  along with chapter 9 instead of using the
     language examples.

  Further Questions:

   ? Is it possible to have DCI on  the server-side and keep MVC inside
     the browser?

hakre, Lago Como, September 2012


[1] Lean Architecture for Agile Software Development
      By James O. Coplien and Gertrud Bjørnvig (2010)
      Published by Wiley
      ISBN 978-0-470-68420-7
      (based on the September 2011 release)

[2] Hopefully this example will help to clarify this.