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* DCI Account Example in PHP
* Example Stub Application invoking DCI
* @author hakre
require __DIR__ . '/../src/autoloader.php';
header("Content-Type: text/plain");
print "DCI Account Example in PHP\n";
print "==========================\n";
Use DCI\Casting;
Use App\SavingsAccount;
Use App\CheckingAccount;
Use App\Currency;
$casting = new Casting();
$source = new SavingsAccount;
$casting->setRoleAndScript('MoneySource', 'TransferMoneySource')->castOf($source);
$sink = new CheckingAccount;
$casting->setRoleAndScript('MoneySink', 'TransferMoneySink')->castOf($sink);
$source->increaseBalance(new Currency(100000));
$source->transferTo(new Currency(200), $sink);
printf("Source: %s: Sink: %s\n", $source->getAvailableBalance(), $sink->getAvailableBalance());
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