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Everything related to the ShrinkWrap paper from ACSAC 2015

Paper : Archived PDF of paper:


0001-Fixed-call-site-type-inference.patch : fixes call-site type inference in VTV (GCC 4.9.2). 0002-Extended-protection.patch : applies the extended policy to VTV (after patch 0001).
0003-Fine-grained-protection.patch : applies the fine-grained policy to VTV (after patch 0002).
0004-LibVTV-extension-for-micro-benchark.patch : generates debug output for VTV (for microbenchmark) (GCC 4.9.2).
clang-cfi-debug.diff : generates debug output for CFI-VPTR (for microbenchmark) (LLVM 3.8, not tested recently).

Microbenchmark - classtester:

Build the microbenchmark using "make".
Run the microbenchmark using:

  • "make -f Makefile-gen prepare" : generate class hierarchies
  • "make -f Makefile-gen gen": compiles all class hierarchies
  • "make -f Makefile-gen check": run time compiled class hierarchies and observe behavior


  • codegenerator.cpp - defines
    • CLASSES : maximum number of classes in the hierarchy (recommended =<6)
    • PARENTS_PER_CLASS : maximum number of direct base classes for each class (recommended <= 3)
    • RANDOM_VARIANTS : the number of random variants to used when radomness is involved
    • DO_DIAMOND : allow/disallow diamond inheritance
    • DO_ALLOVERRIDE : sub-classes override all base class methods (none are overrided by default)
    • DO_RANDOMOVERRIDE : sub-classes randomly chose to override or not each base class method
  • Makefile-gen - VARIANT variable
    • Choose the compiler/vtable protection to test.
    • vtv : VTV from GCC
    • llvm : Clang CFI-VPTR
  • Makefile-gen - checkers in czero target
    • TYPECHECKER : checks that each call-site uses the right vtable set (optional, slow).
    • ILLEGALCHECKER : checks that no call-site can target different method families (by name) (optional, slow).
    • MAPCHECKER : checks if each vtable set at every call-site has all its elements used (baseline, fast).
    • MAPEVAL : counts up the vtables targets covered from each set across all samples (recommended, fast).

Proof of concepts:

poc.cpp : attack hijacking vtable pointer protected by GCC VTV.
poc-clang-cfi.cpp : attack hijacking vtable pointer protected by Clang CFI-VPTR.

Updating microbenchmark to support custom vtable protection

MAPCHECKER : Every check should print the following items on a line separated by spaces.

  • Instruction pointer at check/call-site (or another unique identifier for location).
  • Vtable pointer being used (or another unique identifier).
  • Pointer to allowed vtable set (or another unique identifier for set).
  • Size of allowed vtable set.

TYPECHECKER : Access a specifically named variable at every virtual call-site.

  • VTV mangled C++ variable, where classname is the static class type of the call-site.
  • Alternatively just update the script with specific static binary analysis.

ILLEGALCHECKER : Update the script to extract the information statically.

  • get_vtable_entries_X : Extract the vtable entries corresponding to a given set (identified by class index).
  • get_vtable_offset_X : Extract vtable offset used by a particular call-site.


Everything related to the ShrinkWrap paper from ACSAC 2015







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