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This is version 5.0.2 of CMDFetch. CMDFetch is a clone of screenfetch/screenfo for Windows written in Lua. CMDFetch was written as a batch file and distributed with proprietary binaries until version 2.0.0. Version 2.0.0 and later are written in Lua with no proprietary dependencies Version 2.1.5 was re-written from the bottom up as version 3.0.0 with several new features. Version four was a feature clone of Version three with a cleaner code base, but it never saw completion. Version five is a rewrite of Version four with a modified feature set. Versions 3.0.0 to 4.0.0 are source independent of versions predating 2.0.0 like Winfetch, but are a continuation of the project and contain fragments of code from versions after 2.0.0. Versions 5.0.0 and after are source independent of all previous versions, but functionally comparable.


  -0, --nocolor         Force the use of zero colors
  -1, --18color         Force the use of 18 colors
  -2, --256color        Force the use of 256 colors
  -a, --align           Align the information into columns
  -b, --block [#>0]     Use a stripe step as high and as wide as the argument
  -c, --color color     Change the color of the logo
                            See --help color for formatting help
  -h, --help            
  -l, --logo logo       Change the logo
                            windows8, windows7, linux, mac (defaults to 7 or 8)
  -L, --lefty           Toggle the switching of logo and information
  -s, --stripe [dir]    Stripe the colors for the logo à la screenfo
                            vertical, horizontal, none
  -v, --vert alignment  Align the shorter column vertically
                            center,top,bottom (defaults to center)
  -m, --margin #,#      Set the padding around the logo


  • A lua interpreter: After installation you can use "lua cmdfetch.lua" to run cmdfetch in your favorite Unix shell or CMD. [ ] This is a packaged Lua binary, keeps the footprint small.

  • A method of ANSI escape codes: This is an application that adds ANSI escape codes to CMD

    NOTE: Any Cygwin PTY will do instead of this. The Cygwin Terminal or "Mintty" is installed with the Cygwin base and works fine, you can use Lua in cygwin. As of v.4.0.0, this is the recommended course of action. After you download it, run it and you can use it as you would CMD

  • Lua Socket if you want the "Now Playing" line to work.

  • Foobar Control Server if you want the "Now Playing" line to work with foobar.


CMDFetch CMDFetch CMDFetch

###Changelog ---

####Version 5.0.1

  • Fixed Visual Style
  • Removed bold colors from color scale
  • Minor fixes

####Version 5.0.2

  • Removed bold colors from name
  • Removed extraneous logos
  • Minor fixes


A screenfo/screenfetch like program for Windows that supersedes and predates Windows support for screenfo and screenfetch.






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