Management console release stream for WildFly 12 and below
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⚠ Maintenance Version

This repository is the maintenance codebase of the HAL managament console for WildFly 12 and below. For the most recent version, please use

Release Strem

This maven build acts as the release coordination of the HAL management console that can be used across products. An essential part of the release stream is to provide a way to build the final master console.

At the moment HAL includes the following extensions:

  • PicketLink
  • Teiid
  • Switchyard

The core console and the extensions are compiled together into one final master console. This master console is assembled as a zip file named hal-console-<version> The zip contains a layer which can be safley unzipped into an existing WildFly / EAP installation.


The HAL build can be controlled by using one or several profiles:

  • <no profile>: Whithout specifying a profile the console for the community (WildFly) version is built.
  • product and eap: Builds the console with EAP specific settings (module.xml, L&F).
  • dev: Reduces the GWT compile time drastically. Restricts the languages to english and the browser permutations to firefox (cannot be combined with eap).


To build use mvn clean install from the root directory and choose a combination of profiles from above.


Unzip target/hal-console-<version> into an existing WildFly / EAP installation and restart the server.