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writer.vim is a plugin to help you write prose in vim. It will give you a bigger font, change it to Monaco, set the text widths to 3 alphabets (75 characters), increase the linespacing, turn off line numbers and the status bar.

Inspired by the amazing IA Writer for Mac/iPad.

David's Fork

This is a fork of writer.vim. I've made some changes to the logic and added more settings to provide what, by my lights, is a pleasant distraction free vim writing environment.

I really like the basic concept of this plugin: provide a set of opinionated settings, and package them up in a toggle function. So often, these settings get spread out into one's .vimrc and .gvimrc files, making it hard to try out new settings, and making it hard for new users to get something nice without a lot of tweaking.



cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://


Run :WriterToggle to toggle the writing settings.

Note: ~~the plugin doesn't work in terminal vim. Please use MacVim, gVim and the like.~~ [In this fork, I've tried to separate out the gui-only settings from the settings that should work from the console as well. So this should work okay in terminal vim -- David]

Contributing and feedback

All feedback and contributions are most welcome. This is my first vim plugin, so be nice :).


BSD license.