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Build instructions

Run the scripts in the 'install_external_libs' folder then configure and build:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build . -j$(nproc)

Provide a custom path to the petsc, gmsh (optional) or mpi (optional) folder with:

cmake .. -DPETSC_PATH=/yourpath/petsc -DGMSH_PATH=/yourpath/gmsh -DMPI_PATH=/yourpath/mpi

It may be convenient to use the cmake GUI:


Add project

Simulation projects are located under simulations. In order to create a new simulation:

  1. Copy simulations/default folder with different name. Let's say that the new folder is simulations/newsim
  2. Replace target name default with the new one in simulations/newsim/CMakeLists.txt
  3. Add line add_subdirectory(newsim) to simulations/CMakeLists.txt
  4. Configure and build. Executable file will be located in build/simulations/newsim folder