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// This code gives the mechanical vibration eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes of a
// 3D disk that is clamped at its outer face.
#include "sparselizardbase.h"
using namespace mathop;
void sparselizard(void)
// The domain regions as defined in 'disk.geo':
int vol = 1, sur = 2, top = 3;
// The mesh can be curved!
mesh mymesh("disk.msh");
// Nodal shape functions 'h1' with 3 components.
// Field u is the membrane deflection.
field u("h1xyz");
// Use interpolation order 3 on 'vol', the whole domain:
u.setorder(vol, 3);
// Clamp on surface 'sur' (i.e. 0 valued-Dirichlet conditions):
// E is Young's modulus. nu is Poisson's ratio. rho is the volumic mass.
parameter E, nu, rho;
E|vol = 150e9; nu|vol = 0.3; rho|vol = 2330;
formulation elasticity;
// The linear elasticity formulation is classical and thus predefined:
elasticity += integral(vol, predefinedelasticity(dof(u), tf(u), E, nu));
// Add the inertia terms:
elasticity += integral(vol, -rho*dtdt(dof(u))*tf(u));
// Get the stiffness and mass matrix:
mat K = elasticity.K();
mat M = elasticity.M();
// Remove the rows and columns corresponding to the 0 constraints:
// Create the object to solve the generalised eigenvalue problem K*x = lambda*M*x :
eigenvalue eig(K, M);
// Compute the 10 eigenvalues closest to the target magnitude 0.0 (i.e. the 10 first ones):
eig.compute(10, 0.0);
// Print the eigenfrequencies:
// The eigenvectors are real thus we only need the real part:
std::vector<vec> myeigenvectors = eig.geteigenvectorrealpart();
// Loop on all eigenvectors found:
for (int i = 0; i < myeigenvectors.size(); i++)
// Transfer the data from the ith eigenvector to field u:
u.setdata(top, myeigenvectors[i]);
// Write the deflection on the top surface of the membrane with an order 3 interpolation:
u.write(top, "u"+std::to_string(i)+".pos", 3);
// Code validation line. Can be removed.
std::cout << (eig.geteigenvaluerealpart()[0] < 6.25240e+06 && eig.geteigenvaluerealpart()[0] > 6.25235e+06);
int main(void)
return 0;
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