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Python wrapper for the Mastodon ( ) API. Feature complete for public API as of Mastodon version 3.0.1 and easy to get started with:

# Register your app! This only needs to be done once. Uncomment the code and substitute in your information.

from mastodon import Mastodon

     api_base_url = '',
     to_file = 'pytooter_clientcred.secret'

# Then login. This can be done every time, or use persisted.

from mastodon import Mastodon

mastodon = Mastodon(
    client_id = 'pytooter_clientcred.secret',
    api_base_url = ''
    to_file = 'pytooter_usercred.secret'

# To post, create an actual API instance.

from mastodon import Mastodon

mastodon = Mastodon(
    access_token = 'pytooter_usercred.secret',
    api_base_url = ''
mastodon.toot('Tooting from python using #mastodonpy !')

You can install via pypi:

# Python 3
pip3 install

Note that python 2.7 is now no longer officially supported. It will still work for a while, and we will fix issues as they come up, but we will not be testing specifically for python 2.7 any longer.

Full documentation and basic usage examples can be found at .


As you might have noticed, I have not done any maint work on this project in a while. I am currently extremely busy with my actual paid work, and will not be able to work on until I hand in my dissertation, i.e. there will be no new releases or code from me for at least the rest of this year, maybe part of next. If you would like to temporarily take over bug fixing / test writing / new method implementing, hit me up.

Acknowledgements contains work by a large amount of contributors, many of which have put significant work into making it a better library. You can find some information about who helped with which particular feature or fix in the changelog.
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