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Conventions / Assumptions:

  • user/group deploy exist and have correct ssh/key setup
  • /var/lib/sitedata/<apptype> exists
  • /var/lib/sitedata/<apptype>/<sitename> exists
  • /var/lib/sitedata/<apptype>/<sitename>/files exists and is writable by deploy
  • /var/www/<apptype> exists
  • /var/www/<apptype>/<sitename> exists and is writable by deploy
  • /var/www/<apptype>/<sitename>/settings.php exists
  • /var/www/<apptype>/<sitename>/releases exists and is writable by deploy
  • Git tags do NOT contain slashes

Getting started:

See the fabric documentation at:

Install fabric:

$ sudo pip install fabric

Copy to in a handy location.

Update as required.

Alias fabric call, add to your ~/.bashrc:

  alias deploy="fab -f /path/to/"

Example usage:

  deploy --set stage=dev deploy:'mytag-20120307-1'

Explicitly specify the directory containing your siteconfig recipe:

  deploy --set stage=dev,siteconfig_dir=/path/to/your/siteconfig deploy:'mytag-20120307-1'

Deploy to an arbitrary server (as long as env.hosts isn't getting overridden):

  deploy --set stage=dev -H deploy:'mytag-20120307-1'

To run an arbitrary command you must first load config:

  deploy --set stage=dev load_config build_release:'mytag-20120307-1'
  deploy --set stage=dev load_config build_release:tag='mytag-20120307-1',site='sitename'

To list the default deployment tasks:

  deploy list_deploy_tasks

To list the deployment tasks for your site:

  deploy --set stage=dev load_config list_deploy_tasks

Get information about the available commands:

  deploy -l

Get information about a command:

  deploy -d load_config

To show debugging information (see fabric's documentation on output levels):

  deploy --show=debug
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