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This is another attempt at creating a static site server that I like. This works on a sorta-blog-like structure that more page-oriented than time-oriented. Pages are created in an "index" directory that contains a subdirectory for each page. The name of each subdirectory is the URL that that page will be accessible at. Inside each subdirectory should be one markdown file and any number of other files; when a user goes to, the markdown file at index-directory/yourpage/ will be loaded, converted to HTML and served. All files within the /x/yourpage/ URL path will be served as static files from the page directory.

There is also support for site-wide common files, stored in the "common" directory and accessed as This is where Javascript, CSS, etc. that are used on every page in the site can be placed.

Go templates are used to render the pages; the structure passed to the page template is:

  type Page struct {
      Name        string
      Path        string
      Title       string
      Body        string
      Url         string
      Rendered    string
      Stylesheets []string
      UseMarkdown bool
      Public      bool

The structure passed to the index page is a list of page structs sorted by title.

If you want to prevent a page from showing up on the index but still want it to be accessible through direct links, you can place a file named "draft" in its page directory. The contents of the draft file are ignored. To ignore a directory entirely (no page at all, not even by URL), place an empty file called "ignore" in the directory.

sortastatic makes heavy use of caching; pages are enumerated and templates are loaded at start time, and Markdown content is lazily rendered, then cached. If you want to force a cache flush without restarting the process (which will reload templates and the page list, and clear all cached rendered content), send the sortastatic process a SIGUSR1 signal (this only works on Unices, sorry Windows users). There's a convenience utility built into sortastatic to do this; just run sortastatic -reload.



Another attempt at a sorta-static site generator







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