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AO Chrome Extension Refactor

This chrome extension was built by myself primarily for Technical Solutions Engineer's usage, but once sharing internally with a wider audience, more departments within the organization found it useful as well. Ideally, each of our customer's should go through our onboarding documentation including our Technical Requirements prior to using the application fully. When I was a TSE, it felt like repeative work we repeatedly do to generate these records and reopen the same windows to validate with third party tools; this extension saves a few clicks!

I got the idea from a previous Women Who Code Portland JavaScript study night I atteneded and co-led to create "new tab" Chrome Extension (similar to Momentum) and figured it would not be too difficult to create and use internally.


v2 - code refactoring/tidying

  • remove 'reset' button functions; figured didn't really need these
  • added bootstrap for click toggle; adding the library removed extranneous/repetitive code

Current Extension View

v1 - "make it work, then make it pretty"

  • DKIM template record and open in new tab to verify placement with MX Toolbox
  • Marketing subdomain creation and verify in new tab with MX Toolbox
  • SSL domain verification in new tab with SSL Shopper
  • Filter options to open in new tab based on TXT/SPF/MX records specifications with a dropdown

v0.5 - planning/styling in browser -- codepen


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