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Firebot is a Slack App for tracking activity in a team's public channels. It is written in Node.js, building off of the Botkit library.

Using Firebot

If you'd like to simply add Firebot to your team as an app, you can do so here . If you'd like to run the app in a development environment or you'd like to adapt the bot to be a custom integration, see below. For any questions about Botkit or using the Slack API , see their documentation.

Firebot in Development

Right now, in order to run Firebot in development you'll need to create your own app on Slack and have a Slack group you can test it in. You need an app of your own in order to get a unique clientId and clientSecret from Slack that will allow you to make oauth requests.

1. To create an app, go here and click Create New App. Follow the directions. Make sure to add a bot user to the app. Hang on to the clientId and clientSecret.

2. Clone this repository to your computer and run npm install.

3. Create a file called .env and add yourclientId and clientSecret to it. You'll also need to define the port. Your .env file should look like this:


4. To start the server, run npm start in the terminal and navigate to localhost.

5. NOTE: Before pushing any edits, be sure to either add the following to a .gitignore file or rm -rf each of them from the terminal. Both .env and db_firebot contain sensitive information. In particular, pushing db_firebot will cause any tokens stored there to become invalid. Pushing anything from node_modules will cause errors in the production environment. Your .gitignore should look like this:


Firebot as a Custom Integration

If you want to use Firebot but don't feel comfortable with it using your data, or you just want to customize it with weird things, a custom integration is the way to go. You can find the repository for the custom integration version of Firebot here .