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Firebot for Custom Integrations

Firebot is a Slack Bot for tracking activity in a team's public channels. It is written in Node.js, building off of the Botkit library. This repository will help you install Firebot in your Slack team as a custom integration (Don't know what that is? Check out Slack's API documentation ).

If you'd like to install or contribute to the Slack App version of Firebot, go to this repository instead.

Using Firebot CI

Create a bot user in whatever Slack group you'd like Firebot to post in. Navigate to [YOUR_GROUP_NAME].com/apps/build/custom-integration and select Bots. Create the bot and name it whatever you like. Be sure to hang on to the token that Slack gives you.

From there you can host the Firebot functionality in two ways:

Firebot as its own app

firebot_ci is a basic Express app, meant to help you get the bot up and running as soon as possible if you don't already have an app to include it in. To host it locally or on its own server, do the following:

1. Clone this repository to your computer and run npm install.

2. Create a file called .env and add your token to it. You'll also need to define the port. Your .env file should look like this:


3. If you'd like to host the bot on its own server, deploy it as you would any other app. If you only want to host it on your local server, run npm start in the command line. As long as your local server is up on your computer, the bot will work in your Slack group.

4. NOTE: Before pushing any edits, be sure to either add .env to a .gitignore file, remove .env from your repository, or simply delete your token from .env. Pushing your token to a code repository will cause it to become invalid (you can get a new one, but that's a pain). If you're using Firebot on its own server, be sure to remove your node_modules too. Your .gitignore should look like this:


Firebot in another app

Firebot is not yet available as a package on npm. If you'd like to run it within an app you already have, do the following:

1. Download the firebot.js file from this repository.

2. Include the latest version of Botkit in your package.json.

3. Include firebot.js somewhere in your application.

4. Include your token in your application's process.env.

5. Import firebot and run it somewhere in your application. Pass in your token. Your file will look something like this:

var Firebot = require('./firebot');{ token: process.env.firebot_token });

// If you'd like to stop Firebot at any time, you can do that too.
if (xyz) {

// If you stopped Firebot and you'd like to resume it:
if (!Firebot.is_active) {


Firebot for custom integrations




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