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<plugin name='eco-resources' version='0.1' grailsVersion='2.0 &gt; *'>
<author>Eamonn O'Connell</author>
<title>Eco Resources Plugin</title>
<description>Compiles Eco templates to Javascript
From Sam Stephenson, Eco templates let you use Coffeescript logic in your Markup. They are a great way to define UI layout in a dynamic single page app.
<repository name='grailsCentral' url='' />
<repository name='' url='' />
<repository name='' url='' />
<repository name='grailsCore' url='' />
<repository name='mavenCentral' url='' />
<dependency group='rhino' name='js' version='1.7R2' />
<plugin group='org.grails.plugins' name='resources' version='1.1.6' />
<plugin name='resources' version='1.0 &gt; *' />
<behavior />