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OpenSound Control for Ruby
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Fixing Tests and fixing bundle decoding

* Bundle Decoding works after adding :source as an attribute
* Bundle has encode() now
* The server tests are now done with a TestServer that bypasses networking, since opening threads in a unit test is no good
* A new test for bundle decoding
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= rosc - OpenSound Control for Ruby
== Synopsis

    require 'osc'

    Host = 'localhost'
    Port = 5000

    s =
    s.bind Host, Port

    c =
    m ='/foo', 'fi', Math::PI, 42)
    c.send m, 0, Host, Port

    s.add_method '/f*', 'fi' do |msg|
      domain, port, host, ip = msg.source
      puts "#{msg.address} -> #{msg.args.inspect} from #{host}:#{port}"
    end do
    sleep 5

    #=> /foo -> [3.14159274101257, 42] from localhost:50843

== Requirements
- Ruby

== Installation

    sudo ruby setup.rb

== Details
See the OSC home page[1], especially the "State of the Art" paper (for an
overview) and the specification. This library makes OSC easy, but you will
still need to understand OSC concepts and limitations.

The important classes are Message, Bundle, UDPSocket, and UDPServer. If you
want to make your own server on a different transport (e.g. TCP or UNIX
sockets, which are still on the TODO list), you will want to use the Server

Please read the AUTHORS file for credits and see the TODO list for planned


== Examples
Send me your interesting examples and I'll include them.

== License
Copyright (C) 2007 Hans Fugal and Tadayoshi Funaba

Distributed under Ruby's license. See the LICENSE file.
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