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Github Commit History is a JS-Library to show the commit history of a github repository. It produces a listing similar to Github's "Commit" page.
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Github Commit History

This library can be used to display the latest X commits on a repository. It uses jQuery to fetch data from the Github API.

The default styling is similar to what Github displays in the commit log.


To use this library on your website download it (see Downloads) or clone the repository.

Have a look at the demo to see how it works. You can have multiple listings on a single page, just change the id of the div container.

The file "_commit.html" works as a template. It uses mustache.js to apply the values to the template.


  • Paging (using offset)
  • Limiting (using limit)
  • Change appearance using a simple template + CSS.


  • Simplify usage
  • Provide minified version of the library
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