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A minimal extension which demonstrates how to create a extension with Gmail.JS and NodeJS-based bundling.
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GmailJS Node boilerplate

This repo contains sample code to get a WebExtensions-based browser-extension using the gmail.js library.


First get the code and build it:

# get code
git clone

# get deps and build
cd gmailjs-node-boilerplate
npm install
# ensure you're running latest version!
npm update
npm run build

Now ensure the code loads and works:

  • Load the folder containing the extension (or manifest.json) in your browser.
  • Load in your browser and open the developer console.

You should be greeted by a message saying the following

Hello, <you>. This is your extension talking!

If that works, you should now be ready to customize the extension-code. Do this by editing extension.js.

You can also interact with a instance of Gmail.js ready for use. gmail should already be exposed in the developer console as a global variable.

You can use this to get familiar with the API.


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