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Androidplot Documentation

When working with Androidplot, your best resource is the DemoApp's example source code as it's kept up to date for every release.

If you can't find an answer feel free to ask a question on Stack Overflow using the Androidplot tag.


These tutorials are roughly in the order that they should be read. Quickstart will get your app up and running with a basic xy plot. Plot Composition explains the common anatomy of all plots in the Androidplot library and lays the foundation for future topics. The tutorials discuss specific plot types explaining styling and other advanced topics.


Source code examples of the various plot types.

XML Attributes

A complete list of XML attributes is available here.


The latest Javadocs are available here.

Release Notes

Full release notes are available here


_If you see something that isn't right or want to contribute, please make a pull-request - these docs live the main repo in the top-level /docs directory. For more info, see the Contributing Source Code doc.