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Programs for the Nintendo Wii (Revolution) through the Homebrew Channel.
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Programs for the Nintendo Wii (Revolution) through the Homebrew Channel.


These programs can be executed through the Homebrew Channel. Homebrew must be installed on the Wii, and an application SD card must also be created. A guide to installing Homebrew and creating an application SD card can be found on the Homebrew web site.

Before being able to compile any of these programs, devkitPro must be installed. Instructions for installing devkitPro can be found on the devkitPro web site.

Navigate to the directory of the desired program, and compile the program:


A directory for this program is made under the apps directory on the SD card.

The .dol file is copied to this new directory as boot.dol.

Optionally, the icon.png and meta.xml files can also be copied to this directory. This information shows up on the Homebrew menu, but it is not necessary when executing the program.

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