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Picture of the car

A client/server for robot localization (using a 'particle filter') and distant control.

For the (real) car, an arduino (for motor control and sensor readings) and a raspberry pi (for communication) are used. You can the robot's arduino sketch, autonomee.ino, car.h and compass.h.


Screenshot of the app's UI

  • A basic SVG parser
  • A pathfinder (A*)
  • Nearest obstacle detection (to simulate the sensor's measurements)
  • Basic probability model : particle filter. (hopefully we'll also implement one based on Kalman's filter)
  • Visualization of the robot's movements and the particles used to localize it.
  • A client/server to push commands to the car and control it (through serial ports)


  • Python 2.7
  • Qt and PySide (Qt's python binding)
  • Numpy
  • PySerial
  • Scipy

Communication protocol

The packets sent to the server (TCP) respect this format:

OPCODE(2 chars) + "#" + OPERANDE 1 (6 chars) + "#" + OPERANDE 2 (6 chars)

Supported operations

  • Running forward: OPCODE=01 ; Example : 01#000000#000000

  • Running backward: OPCODE=-1; Example : -1#000000#000000

  • Turning right : OPCODE=02 ; Example : 02#000000#000000

  • Turning left : OPCODE=-2 ; Example : -2#000000#000000

  • Setting speed : OPCODE=05, first operand is a factor ranging from 0 to 250. ; Example : 05#000180#000000

Mobile app

A (responsive) mobile (Android) client compatible with the communication protocol used has been developped by Alexis Fasquel.

Tablet view of the mobile UI Phone view of the mobile UI UI

Updates :

22 May 2013

We presented this project (initally a class project) to our fellow students (@INSA Lyon) today. You can check the presentation (in French) here:

2 May 2013

The project's name has changed from 'Carosif' to 'Autonomee'.

28 April 2013

We've added many major features, including a dashboard showing the sensors' data, a dialog to configure the car's properties and the visualization of the particle filter.

Here's a video showing the particle filter in action :

25 March 2013

This now also includes a server/client made to be used in a Raspberry Pi connected to the Arduino controlling the car. Check how that work out in a 'joystick controlled' mode :


A simulator/client/server that features autonomous localization (using a 'particle filter') and distant control of an arduino/raspberry pi powered car.



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