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359 careful handmade pixel art icons based on a 24x24 grid and currentColor fills. All icons were made individually using rectangles to recreate a non-anti-aliased look. It makes use of subtle padding for each icon. It is recommended to use the icons with a width and height of 24px, 48px, 72px, 96px because on all scales outside of 24px the icons will appear blurry.

How to get the icons

Gettings Started

Use any icons staticly from CDN

<!-- get the file icon from unpkg -->
<img src="" />

<!-- get the file icon from jsdelivr -->
<img src=">

Install via package manager

npm i pixelarticons # or yarn add pixelarticons
// import the file.svg icon directly
import File from "pixelarticons/svg/file.svg";

Insert plain svg code

<!-- the file.svg directly in html -->
<svg width="24" height="24" fill="none" xmlns="">
  <path d="M3 22h18V8h-2V6h-2v2h-2V6h2V4h-2V2H3v20zm2-2V4h8v6h6v10H5z" fill="currentColor" />

Current tasks

  • Figma file with components
  • Updating SVG source code for all icons
  • Convert all rectangles into SVG-paths
  • Make public Figma-file with icon library
  • Add a new filled set
  • Add a new 32x32 set
  • Add brands and social media icons

Where else to find?