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Svelte controlling native components via Nativescript
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Allows the use of Svelte (v3) within a NativeScript application. (Thanks to nativescript-vue for their dom implementation)

This is still alpha software, use at own risk, contributions welcome

See for docs and tutorials

todo in svelte-native


Svelte-Native includes Svelte specific integrations such as

  • The ability to use svelte components to create native applications on top of NativeScript core
  • Svelte specific navigation and modals eg navigate({ page: MySvelteComponent })
  • Integration with svelte's transistions eg <label transition:fade="{duration: 2000}">
  • Integration with sveltes scoped styles


  • At least 1 emoji in readme
  • More Tests 😳


You can get started developing with this using the latest template app

$ npx degit halfnelson/svelte-native-template myapp

A fresh svelte-native app will be found in the myapp folder

Once installed, the build workflow is to use the tns build or tns run commands as normal.

remember to include --bundle on your tns commands so the svelte is compiled!



    <actionBar title="Svelte Native"></actionBar>
        <label text={msg}></label>
        <button text="Change" on:tap="{toggle}"></button>

  export let msg = 'Hello World!'
  let ab;
  const toggle = () => {
      msg = "Hi from svelte"


import App from './components/App.svelte';

import { svelteNative } from 'svelte-native'

svelteNative(App, {msg: "Hi from launcher"});
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