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Svelte Native

Create Mobile applications using native widgets via Svelte and NativeScript.

See for docs and tutorials

todo in svelte-native


Svelte-Native includes Svelte specific integrations such as

  • The ability to use svelte components to create native applications on top of NativeScript core
  • Svelte specific navigation and modals eg navigate({ page: MySvelteComponent })
  • Integration with svelte's transistions eg <label transition:fade="{duration: 2000}">
  • Integration with sveltes scoped styles
  • Complete coverage of the Nativescript core UI modules
  • Uses unmodified Svelte and Nativescript modules

Work In Progress

While Svelte Native is feature complete, there are some items outstanding to bring it to the level of other Nativescript library integrations

  • At least 1 emoji in 👍
  • More Tests 😳 #54


You can get started developing with this using the latest template

$ npm install -g nativescript
$ tns create myapp --template @nativescript/template-blank-svelte

A fresh Svelte Native app will be found in the myapp folder

Once installed use the tns preview, tns build or tns run commands as for a normal NativeScript application.



    <actionBar title="Svelte Native"></actionBar>
        <label text={msg}></label>
        <button text="Change" on:tap="{toggle}"></button>

  export let msg = 'Hello World!'
  const toggle = () => {
      msg = "Hi from svelte"


import App from './components/App.svelte';

import { svelteNative } from 'svelte-native'

svelteNative(App, {msg: "Hi from launcher"});


Svelte Native HackerNews

Simple HackerNews client in Svelte Native.

See for the repo.

HackerNews Example Image

Svelte Native Grocery

Grocery app example in Svelte Native.

See for the repo.

Grocery Example Image

Svelte Native Realworld

Realworld implementation app in Svelte Native.

See for the repo.

Realworld Example Image


The DOM implementation is based on the one from Nativescript-Vue. Thanks! The API Docs were ported from the Nativescript-Vue Too The Site Design is from SvelteJS