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57. Insert Interval.go
57. Insert Interval_test.go

57. Insert Interval


Given a set of non-overlapping intervals, insert a new interval into the intervals (merge if necessary).

You may assume that the intervals were initially sorted according to their start times.

Example 1:

Input: intervals = [[1,3],[6,9]], newInterval = [2,5]
Output: [[1,5],[6,9]]

Example 2:

Input: intervals = [[1,2],[3,5],[6,7],[8,10],[12,16]], newInterval = [4,8]
Output: [[1,2],[3,10],[12,16]]
Explanation: Because the new interval [4,8] overlaps with [3,5],[6,7],[8,10].


这一题是第 56 题的加强版。给出多个没有重叠的区间,然后再给一个区间,要求把如果有重叠的区间进行合并。


可以分 3 段处理,先添加原来的区间,即在给的 newInterval 之前的区间。然后添加 newInterval ,注意这里可能需要合并多个区间。最后把原来剩下的部分添加到最终结果中即可。

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