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173. Binary Search Tree Iterator


Implement an iterator over a binary search tree (BST). Your iterator will be initialized with the root node of a BST.

Calling next() will return the next smallest number in the BST.


BSTIterator iterator = new BSTIterator(root);;    // return 3;    // return 7
iterator.hasNext(); // return true;    // return 9
iterator.hasNext(); // return true;    // return 15
iterator.hasNext(); // return true;    // return 20
iterator.hasNext(); // return false


  • next() and hasNext() should run in average O(1) time and uses O(h) memory, where h is the height of the tree.
  • You may assume that next() call will always be valid, that is, there will be at least a next smallest number in the BST when next() is called.


实现一个二叉搜索树迭代器。你将使用二叉搜索树的根节点初始化迭代器。调用 next() 将返回二叉搜索树中的下一个最小的数。


  • 用优先队列解决即可
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