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401. Binary Watch.go
401. Binary Watch_test.go

401. Binary Watch


A binary watch has 4 LEDs on the top which represent the hours (0-11), and the 6 LEDs on the bottom represent the minutes (0-59).

Each LED represents a zero or one, with the least significant bit on the right.

For example, the above binary watch reads "3:25".

Given a non-negative integer n which represents the number of LEDs that are currently on, return all possible times the watch could represent.


Input: n = 1
Return: ["1:00", "2:00", "4:00", "8:00", "0:01", "0:02", "0:04", "0:08", "0:16", "0:32"]


  • The order of output does not matter.
  • The hour must not contain a leading zero, for example "01:00" is not valid, it should be "1:00".
  • The minute must be consist of two digits and may contain a leading zero, for example "10:2" is not valid, it should be "10:02".


二进制手表顶部有 4 个 LED 代表小时(0-11),底部的 6 个 LED 代表分钟(0-59)。每个 LED 代表一个 0 或 1,最低位在右侧。

给定一个非负整数 n 代表当前 LED 亮着的数量,返回二进制表所有可能的时间。


  • 给出数字 n,要求输出二进制表中所有可能的时间
  • 题目中比较坑的是,分钟大于 60 的都不应该打印出来,小时大于 12 的也不应该打印出来,因为是非法的。给出的 num 大于 8 的也是非法值,最终结果应该输出空字符串数组。
  • 这道题的数据量不大,可以直接用打表法,具体打表函数见 findReadBinaryWatchMinute()findReadBinaryWatchHour() 这两个函数。
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