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1003. Check If Word Is Valid After Substitutions.go
1003. Check If Word Is Valid After Substitutions_test.go

1003. Check If Word Is Valid After Substitutions


We are given that the string "abc" is valid.

From any valid string V, we may split V into two pieces X and Y such that X + Y (X concatenated with Y) is equal to V. (X or Y may be empty.) Then, X + "abc" + Y is also valid.

If for example S = "abc", then examples of valid strings are: "abc", "aabcbc", "abcabc", "abcabcababcc". Examples of invalid strings are: "abccba", "ab", "cababc", "bac".

Return true if and only if the given string S is valid.

Example 1:

Input: "aabcbc"
Output: true
We start with the valid string "abc".
Then we can insert another "abc" between "a" and "bc", resulting in "a" + "abc" + "bc" which is "aabcbc".

Example 2:

Input: "abcabcababcc"
Output: true
"abcabcabc" is valid after consecutive insertings of "abc".
Then we can insert "abc" before the last letter, resulting in "abcabcab" + "abc" + "c" which is "abcabcababcc".

Example 3:

Input: "abccba"
Output: false

Example 4:

Input: "cababc"
Output: false


  1. 1 <= S.length <= 20000
  2. S[i] is 'a', 'b', or 'c'


假设 abc 是有效的字符串,对于任何 字符串 V,如果用 abc 把字符串 V 切成 2 半,X 和 Y,组成 X + abc + Y 的字符串,X + abc + Y 的这个字符串依旧是有效的。X 和 Y 可以是空字符串。

例如,"abc"( "" + "abc" + ""), "aabcbc"( "a" + "abc" + "bc"), "abcabc"( "" + "abc" + "abc"), "abcabcababcc"( "abc" + "abc" + "ababcc",其中 "ababcc" 也是有效的,"ab" + "abc" + "c") 都是有效的字符串。

"abccba"( "" + "abc" + "cba","cba" 不是有效的字符串), "ab"("ab" 也不是有效字符串), "cababc"("c" + "abc" + "bc","c","bc" 都不是有效字符串), "bac" ("bac" 也不是有效字符串)这些都不是有效的字符串。

任意给一个字符串 S ,要求判断它是否有效,如果有效则输出 true。


这一题可以类似括号匹配问题,因为 "abc" 这样的组合就代表是有效的,类似于括号匹配,遇到 "a" 就入栈,当遇到 "b" 字符的时候判断栈顶是不是 "a",当遇到 "c" 字符的时候需要判断栈顶是不是 "a" 和 "b"。最后如果栈都清空了,就输出 true。

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