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1019. Next Greater Node In Linked List.go
1019. Next Greater Node In Linked List_test.go

1019. Next Greater Node In Linked List


We are given a linked list with head as the first node. Let's number the nodes in the list: node_1, node_2, node_3, ... etc.

Each node may have a next larger value: for node_i, next_larger(node_i) is the node_j.val such that j > i, node_j.val > node_i.val, and j is the smallest possible choice. If such a j does not exist, the next larger value is 0.

Return an array of integers answer, where answer[i] = next_larger(node_{i+1}).

Note that in the example inputs (not outputs) below, arrays such as [2,1,5] represent the serialization of a linked list with a head node value of 2, second node value of 1, and third node value of 5.

Example 1:

Input: [2,1,5]
Output: [5,5,0]

Example 2:

Input: [2,7,4,3,5]
Output: [7,0,5,5,0]

Example 3:

Input: [1,7,5,1,9,2,5,1]
Output: [7,9,9,9,0,5,0,0]


  • 1 <= node.val <= 10^9 for each node in the linked list.
  • The given list has length in the range [0, 10000].


给出一个链表,要求找出每个结点后面比该结点值大的第一个结点,如果找不到这个结点,则输出 0 。


这一题和第 739 题、第 496 题、第 503 题类似。也有 2 种解题方法。先把链表中的数字存到数组中,整道题的思路就和第 739 题完全一致了。普通做法就是 2 层循环。优化的做法就是用单调栈,维护一个单调递减的栈即可。

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