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import sys
import system.rt
def jitpolicy(driver):
from pypy.jit.codewriter.policy import JitPolicy
return JitPolicy()
def run_file(file):
from system.reader import read_from_file
f = read_from_file(file)
from system.evaluation import eval
from system.helpers import first
return eval(first(f)).int()
def repl():
from system.reader import read_from_string
from system.evaluation import eval
while True:
cnt = 0
txt = ""
while True:
ri = raw_input("=>")
for x in range(len(ri)):
if ri[x] in "[({":
cnt += 1
if ri[x] in "])}":
cnt -= 1
txt += ri
if cnt == 0:
if txt == "die":
rd = read_from_string(txt)
print eval(rd).repr()
def entry_point(argv):
if len(argv) != 2:
return 0
print run_file(argv[1])
return 0
# _____ Define and setup target ___
def target(driver, args):
driver.exe_name = 'cljvm-%(backend)s'
return entry_point, None
if __name__ == '__main__':
print entry_point(sys.argv)