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import sys
def jitpolicy(driver):
from pypy.jit.codewriter.policy import JitPolicy
return JitPolicy()
from system.rt import init
def main(filename):
import system.reader as reader
from system.evaluation import eval
from system.helpers import first, next
s = reader.read_from_file(filename)
while s is not None:
res = eval(first(s))
print res
s = next(s)
return 0
def entry_point(argv):
if len(argv) != 2:
print "Filename required"
res = main(argv[1])
return res
# _____ Define and setup target ___
def target(driver, args):
driver.exe_name = 'cljvm-%(backend)s'
return entry_point, None
if __name__ == '__main__':
print entry_point(sys.argv)
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