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This is my (halhen / @hnrklndbrg) place to publish data visualizations. Besides publishing code and work-in-progress images, I also use this to host my final visualizations. I wrote the back-story and reasons for why in a Medium article.

Due to copyright, I will not publish the original data. Instead, comments link to the source I used when downloading the source, if applicable. If I have to aggregate or extract data from e.g. PDF:s, I may add data files to each project.

Each visualization is in a directory, generally with the following components:

  • An R-file to generate a base plot
  • An SVG-file which is the Inkscape-modified output of the base plot
  • The final image for publication

The SVG:s are plain Inkscape dittos. It seems that Inkscape's implementation of SVG differs from others. Several people have reported errors when opening these SVGs in e.g. Firefox. I consider them only to be Inkscape raw files there for you to be able to fiddle yourself, not as published end results.

All code and graphics are published under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Please attribute my @hnrklndbrg Twitter handle when reusing this stuff.


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