An example implementation of flaskbb-dockerfile in a docker-compose bundle
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FlaskBB docker-compose example

This is an example docker-compose configuration for running FlaskBB and redis:alpine together. The haliphax/flaskbb:latest docker image is used for FlaskBB.

Your configuration should set all of the REDIS_* settings to redis://redis:6379 and the CACHE_REDIS_URL setting to REDIS_URL.

To spin up a new installation of FlaskBB:

docker run -ti --rm \
	-v $(pwd)/data:/app/data \
	-v $(pwd)/config:/app/config \
	haliphax/flaskbb:latest \
	/bin/ash -c "flaskbb --config=config/flaskbb.cfg install"

To upgrade the database (be sure to run docker-compose restart afterward if your instance is running!):

docker run -ti --rm \
	-v $(pwd)/data:/app/data \
	-v $(pwd)/config:/app/config \
	haliphax/flaskbb:latest \
	/bin/ash -c "flaskbb --config=config/flaskbb.cfg db upgrade"


  • If you don't want to run FlaskBB on port 80, modify the ports section of the docker-compose.yml file.
  • If you don't want to use a custom theme, delete the corresponding line in the volumes section of the docker-compose.yml file.