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Highlighting of Mathematica code for Mathematica.stackexchange
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Mathematica and Wolfram Language support for google-code-prettify

This is the official Mathematica and Wolfram Language code highlighter for and the Wolfram Community.

To use it with your installation of google-code-prettify, you have to add the files (probably the minified versions) from the src folder into your code-pretty installation. The file lang-mma.min.js needs to go into the google-code-prettify/src folder and the prettify-mma.min.css needs to go into the styles folder. The difference between lang-mma.js and lang-mma.min.js is that the latter one is the minimized js-file. All other information can be found in the google-code-prettify wiki.

Note that I also compiled a Joomla extension which lets you easily install the whole highlighting engine on your Joomla based website.

The resources folder contains another file: mathematica-source-highlighter.user.js which is a browser userscript that was used to test the highlighter before it was officially installed at Stack Exchange. The JavaScript can be opened with Google Chrome and is then installed as a local extension. When you browse pages under and have Mathematica code posted on the page its style is replaced and you should see nice code highlighting.

This user-script was written by Tim Stone and I only added the rules for the lexical scanner and colors which go along with the page colors of StackOverflow.

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