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Mathematica Autocompletion Tweaker

Changes the behavior of the autocompletion in Mathematica version 9.0.0 (and unfortunately, it will only work in this very version!) so that CamelCase completion can be used. CamelCase allows not only for the expansion of prefixes like Integ for IntegerDigits, it allows additionally to specify the capital letters (the humps) in function names only and therefore, e.g. ListLiPlo, ListLPlot or even LLP can be expanded to ListLinePlot.

To be really fast with this kind of help you have to try avoiding arrow-keys for going down the suggestion list. Instead, you should specify your wanted function further and further by leaving out the small letters between capital CamelCase letters. A very good example is Hypergeometric0F1. Instead of typing Hy and going down the list very far, you leave out 12 letters and type Hy0. In many, many cases this leads to only one unique choice of an expansion and you only have to press Enter (or Tab) to accept it.

If there are still several choices in the end, then you can use your arrow keys. One example here is, when you typed (heroically) LLLP to shorten ListLogLinearPlot and see that there is a ListLogLogPlot with the same abbreviation. Unfortunately, at this point even typing LLLPlot does not help to make it clear and you have to use the arrow key to choose the right function.

Completion of usual function names works now both ways:

  1. You get valid expansions if you type a prefix of the function like Integ for IntegerDigits.
  2. Additionally, you can type IntDig, InDi or just ID to get IntegerDigits too. Important is that you take care of the capital letters in the names.

enter image description here

Support for completion of Options was added too.

enter image description here

Additionally, camel-humps even work after context specifications. Note, that the context-names themselves cannot be camel-humps expanded because in most cases like Developer, Experimental, Internal, etc. this would be useless anyway.

enter image description here

Additionally, when I had a first version of this running, I created a teaser screen-cast:

or with classical music here

(viewer from Germany have to watch this without sound


A simple Get of the MathematicaAutocompletionTweaker.m package turns the camel-humps completion on:


In Mathematica 9 you should now see a suggestion box when you type e.g. PP. If you want to turn it off again can restart the kernel or you use FE`RecoverDefaultCompletion[].

If you want to install it permanently you can for instance copy the contents of MathematicaAutocompletionTweaker.m into your init.m. Given the case, that the autocompletion is really used by some users, I'll prepare an easier method to install small, system-specific code for permanently use.

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Changes the behavior of the auto-completion in Mathematica version 9 so that camel-humps completion can be used.






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