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Editor-buttons for Mathematica.stackexchange

This browser user-script adds additional buttons to the editor on mathematica.stackexchange.

demonstration gif


It allows the user to

  • include documentation links of Mathematica built-in functions
  • format In[]/Out[] cells
  • convert Mathematica special characters like \[Alpha] into unicode
  • create nicely rendered keyboard short cuts

For detailed information please read the official meta.mathematica post.



Just download the toolbar directly from the Google Chrome Webstore


In Safari (I tried OSX 10.6 and 10.8) one easy way is to use NinjaKit which is an extension that lets you install user scripts. The usage is straight forward: First you download the file NinjaKit.safariextz and install it by double-click. After that you should see a ninja-star-like button in Safari


where you can manage your user scripts. If you now click on the above link to m_toolbar.user.js, you should see a pop-up like this


and a click on Install finishes everything up. Another click on the ninja star button shows you now the installed Mathematica script


Other browsers

For other browsers please read the existing article on stackapps about how to install user scripts.

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