Hubot plugin to allow jenkins to notify hubot of build statuses
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Notifies about Jenkins build errors via Jenkins Notification Plugin

Getting Started

  1. Install the module: npm install --save hubot-jenkins-notifier
  2. Add it hubot-jenkins-notifier to your external-scripts.json file in your hubot directory
  3. Add hubot's endpoint to jenkins jobs: (see Screenshot)
  4. Configure it to be JSON, HTTP and either "All events", "Job started" or "Job finalized". "Job completed" will be ignored.
  5. To send to a room: http://<hubot-host>:<hubot-port>/hubot/jenkins-notify?room=<room>
  6. To send to a user: http://<hubot-host>:<hubot-port>/hubot/jenkins-notify?user=<username>
  7. Add log lines if you want to


Jenkins Notifier Plugin Config Screenshot


As url parameters the following can be used:

  • room: The room name to send the message to. Mutually exlusive with user
  • user: The user name to send the private message to. Mutually exlusive with room
  • onStart/onFinished: ** Notification strategy: [Ff][Ss] which stands for "Failure" and "Success". ** Capitalized letter means: notify always. ** Small letter means: notify only if buildstatus has changed ** Default: onStart=, onFinished=Fs
  • trace: add a bunch of runtime console.log's

Environment variable:

  • JENKINS_NOTIFIER_TRACE: set this environment variable to 1 to enable tracing for diagnostics

Release History

1.1.0 - 2017-04-25

1.0.0 - 2016-10-07

  • Added parameter user, trace
  • Updated documentation to reflect changes in jenkins notification plugin
  • Big rewrite, clearer testing, code, etc

0.1.5 - 2014-09-18

  • Tweak configs to work with newer versions of npm / fix for travis-ci
  • Support jenkins 1.577 (Now passes FINALIZED instead of FINISHED) - Jenkins Notifier Commit

0.1.4 - 2014-02-23

  • Brought in recent changes from github/hubot-scripts
  • Upgraded json parsing to handle/fail gracefully
  • Handle jenkins not providing full url (for now not handled well, but better than undefined)
  • Added screenshots to configuration

0.1.3 - 2013-08-05

  • support hubot-irc adapter

0.1.2 - 2013-07-23

  • allow always_notify=1 cgi parameter to always notify a room even on success

0.1.1 - 2013-07-22

  • Fixed up .npmignore file so the proper files were being packaged up

0.1.0 - Initial Release - 2013-07-20


Copyright (c) 2013 Gavin Mogan Licensed under the MIT license.