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SilverStripe Requirements Checker


This is a script which will check your server environment to make sure it is configured correctly for SilverStripe CMS / Framework.

It doesn't require SilverStripe to be installed first, so it's a good way to check your environment is up to scratch before you install.


  • Apache or IIS 7.x webserver (nginx and lighttpd may work, but not tested)
  • PHP 5.3.2+


  1. Unpack the source files to somewhere in your server webroot, e.g. /var/www/ssreqcheck
  2. Open a browser and point to that file, e.g. http://localhost/ssreqcheck/index.php
  3. If using Apache, make sure the .htaccess file inside the rewritetest directory is owned by the webserver user so that PHP can write to it. This is used for testing URL rewriting is working by writing a correct RewriteBase directive

To change permissions, do something like this:

chown www-data /var/www/ssreqcheck/rewritetest/.htaccess

You can also run the checker on the command line. For example:

php /var/www/ssreqcheck/index.php

Caution: Webserver checks, including URL rewrite tests are not performed when running from the command line.

Future enhancements

  • Check file uploads by PHP moved into a publically viewable directory with rewriting turned on is accessible in the URL. Windows, for example, uses C:\Windows\Temp for system temp. This path doesn't have IIS_IUSR permissions by default, which will cause issues with IIS URL Rewrite module tries to access any files created in this temp path, but moved into the SilverStripe assets directory
  • Check upload_max_filesize and post_max_size are big enough to allow reasonable size file uploads (e.g. 32M minimum)
  • Provide more detailed explanations and suggestions where failures and warnings occur
  • Display value checks in tabular form, showing actual versus recommended values for PHP options
  • Database checks - by default, MySQL version
  • Environment specific (dev/prod) checks, e.g. production environment has 500 and 404 custom error pages setup correctly, and display_errors = Off in production
  • Display "Download and install SilverStripe" link at bottom of page if all checks pass (or only warnings shown)