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Slider plugin for jQuery

Minimal configuration jQuery plugin with bootstrap style data api.

2kb gzipped and minified.

Integrating with bootstrap

Add @import "slider.less"; to your bootstrap.less file.

Compile as normal.


The slider can only be called on input elements, this helps keeping the api size to minimum.



  • min - the minimum value, default 1
  • max - the maximum value, default 100
  • step - the step size, default 1. Must be > 0


.slider("destroy") Destroy the slider enhancement from an input element


Deprecated .slider("disabled", true|false) Sets the disabled state of the slider as well as the input element


This method has been deprecated, simply use .prop on the original input element

$("#price").prop( "disabled", true);


  • slidestart - fired before dragging the slider has started. Call preventDefault() on the event object to prevent sliding
  • slide - fired constantly as the slider is being dragged
  • slideend - fired before dragging the slider ends


You can use the slider plugin without extra javascript by specifying data attributes on the input element:

<div id="target"></div>
<input data-slider="#target" data-min="1" data-max="100" data-step="1">

The element only needs a data-slider attribute for it to be picked up. The value is used as a jQuery selector to find the element where the slider will be rendered. Note dynamically created elements need to be called manually with js.

The disabled attribute of an input is automatically used to disable a slider. A slider will automatically be vertically oriented if its dimensions suggest so (height > width).

See demo.html for better overview and tips for more advanced use.