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Version 0.3.4
- UI Changes: Added Text to show more of 'Create' button functionality. Issue #37
Version 0.3
- moved the path of htpasswd.
- ensure that the htpasswd entry would be read from absolute path.
- fixing the path variable mismatch on CLI arguments.
Version 0.3-alpha4
- Added base authentication for administrative views.
- Added a default htpasswd to go along with it - default user: admin, default pass: admin.
- Fixing tests logic.
Version 0.3-alpha3
- Ensure that if a directory exists on creation, it would redirect to the creation path.
- Removing all javascript components used for creation and removal. Those seems to be failing on different browsers. Will need to revisit it soon.
Version 0.3-alpha2
- Introduced a new search_path method to cater for case-insensitive paths and appended tests for it.
- Ensure inupypi_server binary file generated would would as it should.
- Bump up all the package related files version numbers.
Version 0.3-alpha1
- Major revamp in the code to reduce the loading time.
- Introduction of flask-themes in favour of custom handling themes.
- Better if not more test converage.
- Added script to help generate an apache.conf file for installed inupypi instance.
- re #15 Changed to use the proper way of calling and getting python lib.
- Fixed a few bugs regarding functionality as well as code clean up.
- Fixed sorting bug reported by Grzegorz Śliwiński. re #12
- Added Changelog file to track changes between releases
- Changed the way that work, so that setting INUPYPI_SETTINGS is not a
- now can also accept an argument to point at external config file.
- Updated README.rst with changes done.