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FTDI Power SPI I2C Shield for Onion Omega2
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Power FTDI SPI and I2C or Full GPIO Shields for Onion Omega2

These shields are used to power and to expose Onion Omega2 gpio pins. it has just few minimal features such as wiring and 3V3 regulator and exists in 2 versions

  • Basic: same size than Omega2, exposing Serial/SPI/I2C
  • Full: little bigger but exposing all Omega2 pins



  • I2C Pullups placement
  • I2C 4 pins connector
  • SPI 6 pins connector
  • Full Omega2 GPIO pins (Full version only)
  • FTDI connector to Omega2 Serial0 (SMD or PTH)
  • USB Mini connector to power the whole thing and Omega2

You can find more information on Omega2 on their site, it's really well documented here.

Waiting for V1.0 Boards from I did not fully tested them yet, I will update ASAP. Use at your own risks

Detailed Description

Very simple, you plug your Omega2 on the shield, then you're ready to go. But pay attention, this board run at 3.3V.

You have 2 options to power board :

  • Mini USB connector 5V goes to 3V3 regulator and you're ready to go
  • Close JP1 and use Only 3V3 FTDI connector that already have regulator on board. FTDI connector will then power the shield and Omega2 without any Mini USB plugged.

Take care if you are powered with mini USB and you want to use FTDI cable to connect to console, use a 3V3 FTDI cable and do not close JP1 connector

Here are example of FTDI 3V3 connector that should work


Basic version Click on image to zoom

Full GPIO version Click on image to zoom


Basic Click on image to zoom
Top  Bottom 

Full GPIO version Click on image to zoom
Top  Bottom 

You can order PCB of Basic Version or Full GPIO Version at give me reward when you order my designed boards from their site. This is pretty good, because I can use these rewards to create and design new boards and order boards for a discounted price and share new boards. So if you don't care about PCB manufacturer please use

Assembled boards (V1.0)

Basic Basic

Full GPIO version


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International [License](

If you want to do commercial stuff with this project, please contact CH2i company so we can organize an simple agreement.


See news and other projects on my blog

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