RFM12B with SD and Flash EEP Breakout Board
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RFM12B RFM69CW breakout board NRF24L01 socket

This is a utility breakout board for connecting RFM12B or RFM69CW device onto NRF24L01 sockets

this breakout add the feature of one of :

  • adding Micro SD card connector (V1.1 only)
  • adding SPI Flash EEProm
  • adding Some Leds to see what's going on

The 1.2 version has been added to be smaller than the 1.1 version, to achieve this I needed to remove the SD Card holder, so if you want SD use version 1.1.

1.2 version comes in two versions, one with classic 2x4 PTH connector and the other with the same but SMD version of the connector, this permit to have the PCB quite the same size of the original RFM12B or RFM69CM module size. Oh, also these boards are rounded instead of corners.

This has been created to work with the ArduiPi Project, but this breakout can be used anywhere where you use NRF24L01 or has NRF24L01 connector.

The same breakout board exists also for RFM69W and RFM69HW on this repo

ArduiPi project is a shield for Raspberry Pi that brings Arduino low level extended I/O to Raspberry Pi.

You can find information about this project and others on ArduiPi Site

Check out news and other on my blog

Detailed Description

Everything is documented on this dedicated post

Version 1.2




board V1.2  top V1.2  bottom V1.2

Version 1.2 SMD connector




board V1.2 SMD  top V1.2 SMD  bottom V1.2 SMD

Version 1.1 with SD Card




board V1.1  top V1.1  bottom V1.1