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Basic ESP8266 WeMos Matrix Shield for Digital Morphing Clock

This shield is used to get simplify ESP8266 connectivity with a WeMos ESP8266 and nice matric RGB led. This idea came from excellent project called Morphing Digital Clock done by HariFun Instructable

See it in action, nice isn't it?

Pay attention V1.2 got a missing trace between Input and Output connector G1 See Issue #2. and how to fix. If you have V1.2 don't forget to solder a wire between these 2 points (see below). Thanks to nthonyjclarke and dragondaud for pointing this out

This breakout has just few minimal features.

This breakout has just few minimal features.

New in V1.4

  • Added DS18B20 footprint + 4K7 PullUp resistor (DS18B20 DQ connected to GPIO0/D7)
  • Removed E connection to add DS18B20 (DQ PIN), added solder jumper if needed this connection back.
  • added space for barrel DC connector if connector input connector is top soldered see #3
  • Changed LDR orientation

New in V1.3

  • Fixed missing trace missing beetwen Input and Output connector G1. That was cutted by accident when creating V1.2 from V1.1.

New in V1.2

  • Added footprint for a Photoresistor (LDR) + Resistor to be able to adjust luminosity with ambiant light
  • This version has a missing trace between Input G0 and Output G1, connect a wire has follow to fix

New in V1.1

  • Power, added big connector 3.5mm spaced to put the supplied power cable
  • Changed 3.5mm Phoenix connector by a 5mm one allowing the stronger power cable to fit info
  • Moved output connector to the right you can use the supplied flat band connector
  • Output connector can go straight to output connector of Matrix, allowing to use a 6 PIN ISP Arduino Like ribbon cable.
  • Increased PCB traces width for 5V power
  • Added some wiring info on bottom silk

Still in V1.0+

  • DC Barrel power connector
  • Zero Press Fit power connector
  • All necessary headers to connect the Matric Shield

WeMos provide 3 D1, D1 Mini Lite, D1 Mini or D1 Mini Pro.

V1.0 boards are tested and working. But it was missing B1 on 6 pin out connector, so you should grab it elsewhere, but it's now fixed on V1.1+ and also aligned out connector pins to the needed Matrix Order. You can order boards V1.4 at PCBs.io

Detailed Description

Look at the schematics for more informations.



Top  Bottom

You can order the PCB of this board at PCBs.io. PCBs.io give me some reward when you order my designed boards from their site. This is pretty good, because I can use these rewards to create and design new boards and order them for free, so if you don't care about PCB manufacturer please use PCBs.io.


I suggest to use the excellent code done by dragondaud, it has all I wanted to do and mandatory feature, OTA and LDR Luminosity management.

Assembled boards

Board have been made to be plugged directly on the matrix shield, see picture below:

Theese are pictures of the 1st PCB V1.0 with LDR Live Fix, just to see how are connected wire, I'm waiting new boards (V1.3), to take new pictures and show easier connecting.

2x8 pins female connector is soldered on the bottom side of PCB

Plug connector

Plug connector on matrix

On this one you can see my dirty hack to add the LDR and 10K resistor on old V1.0 board

PCB plugged on matrix

PCB plugged on matrix, full board view


Nothing fancy, just some headers and 2 differents power conector (choose the one you prefer) :

  • Ebay search for "DC Power Jack Barrel PCB Mount"

- Phoenix contact PCB terminal block - SPTAF ref 1864286 (V1.0) or 1864435 (V1.1+) can be found anywhere

- Ebay search for "2X8 Pin 2.54mm Double Row Female Header" or polulu product #1028, you can also use twice 1x8 pin female or even twice 2x4 pins female, plenty of option for this one


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License


See news and other projects on my blog

Thanks to HariFun for this awesome stuff, please review and see how to build on Instructable