A Greasemonkey script that provides time estimate totals for open tickets on milestone pages in Lighthouse
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= Estimate Tracking for Lighthouse



This is a Greasemonkey script that helps you to keep track of
estimates for the amount of time left on open tickets in Lighthouse.


Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension running


Visit http://sitr.us/files/estimate-tracking-for-lighthouse.user.js


Record estimates for your Lighthouse tickets somewhere in the title of
the ticket. Accepted units are days, hours and minutes. Here are some
examples of ticket titles that will work:

         Ticket with an estimate (2d4h30m)
         Ticket with an estimate (3.5 hours)
         Ticket with an estimate 30 minutes 1 day
         2hrs 20min Ticket with an estimate

With the estimate tracking script running, totals for estimates will
be displayed on the milestone page. Each project member will have the
total estimate of the amount of work they have left for the milestone
displayed next to their name. Only estimates from open tickets are
counted toward the total; so don't worry if there are closed tickets
around that still have estimates on them.

If you do some work on a ticket, but don't quite finish it - or if you
just get better information about how long a task will take - you will
probably want to update the estimate. To do that, just update the
title of the ticket to reflect the new estimate.


Copyright (c) 2008, Jesse Hallett <hallettj@gmail.com>
Released under the GPL license