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code to reproduce analyses and figures from Dimsdale-Zucker, Flegal, Atkins, and Reuter-Lorenz (2018)
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Repository details

This repository contains the code used to collect data and generate analyses for the following paper:

Dimsdale-Zucker, H. R., Flegal, K. E., Atkins, A. S., & Reuter-Lorenz, P. A. (2018). Serial position-dependent false memory effects. Memory. doi:


  1. Copy config.yml.example to config.yml and edit fields so that correct for current computer.
  2. Some of the custom R functions can be downloaded here.

Getting the data

Email Halle Dimsdale-Zucker (

Running the scripts

  1. These scripts are setup as an R package. Thus, they assume that you have first opened serialfm.Rproj. This should open RStudio.
  2. Data were initially analyzed in SPSS, but all analyses for the publication were done in R. To convert from SPSS to CSV, convert_spss_to_csv.R
  • If starting from the CSV file, can skip.
  1. To rerun the analyses and statistics, analyze_data.R
  2. To regenerate graphs, use graphs.R. This pulls from existing Excel sheets from the original manual data scoring pipeline.
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